Richard Bennett
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Contrary Cocktail

Moderne Shellac, 2015

Contrary Cocktail

A hypnotic blend of rhythms, landscapes, tones, colors, styles and moods, with melodies leading the way to certain places that only songs without words can go.

-- Pieta Brown, 2015

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A short flight from N.Y.C. (Teterboro, N.J. airport) to Vienna, Virginia and a drive to Wolf Trap National Park. Wolf Trap is one of the better known American amphitheatre/sheds, is constructed of wood, looks like an enormous tree house landed in the middle of this beautiful setting and every square inch of it packed with people, the lawn, seats and balcony. The reception couldn't have been better and I think this would have to rate as one of the best shows of the tour so far. Mark and the band have come back from the break storming, really rocking yet wonderfully relaxed and sure footed. I see why so many artists enthuse about playing Wolf Trap, the staff, venue, sound, audience and vibe (forgive that word) are top drawer. In all my years of touring I'd never had occasion to play here and now can't wait to return.

A day off tomorrow in the big apple. I suspect a trip to Rudy's Music Stop will be on the menu.

So long,