Richard Bennett
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For the Newly Blue

Moderne Shellac, 2013

For the Newly Blue

Like the builders who'd etch a design, a gracing touch on the uppermost ledges of those first early 20th century skyscrapers, Richard puts something into his work that no one else may be able to extract or identify or even know exists. But something about its being there makes the end product complete, better, best. Yes, Richard Bennett is one lucky son of a gun but a spin of For The Newly Blue is all you'll need to know he's giving as good as he gets.

-- Rick Allen, Writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine

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Bournemouth, England 14 October,2011

We arrived in the wee hours after the show in Cardiff and spent the night in Chritchurch, Dorset, located in the south west on the English Channel.  After several nights spent in rooms the size of closets, I was ready for this modern and smart hotel.  What I wasn't prepared for the the room I walked in to.  It was neither a room or suite but a full blown two bedroom apartment complete with large kitchen, dining area, living room, two baths, 3 TVs, hallway and floor to ceiling windows that opened onto the water.  Now we're talking.  Pure and comprehensive luxury.  I hung the room service breakfast card on the knob, took a few laps around my digs then went to bed, windows open, the cool Dorset air filling my room.

Up with the sun, I fixed a cup of coffee while I waited for breakfast and more coffee to be delivered.  Beyond that, at least for the first part of the day, I couldn't have done less.... didn't even get out in the beautiful sunshine preferring to watch the boats and swans drift by my window.  Most of the day was spent parked on the couch with a guitar, working on a new tune that's happily presented itself.

All good things end and we checked out promptly at 4, boarded our bus... expertly maneuvered by Dirk, and drove about 40 minutes to the Bournemouth International Centre, the same venue we've played since my first tour with MK in 1996.  It was our usual routine with one exception which I'll mention shortly.  Another stand up audience, jam packed and great to play Night In Summer again along with some of the new songs we've been doing...everything really.  Guy's wife Laurie Ann and son Leon were there tonight and it's always good seeing them.  Also, a friend of Guy's that works for Yamaha sent a brand new amp they're making for us to try.  Literally the size of a bread box, the THR 10/5 holds a lot of promise and I'm looking forward to giving it a spin. Thanks Laurie Ann for bringing it to Bournemouth.

Tonight's exception was instead of changing after our show and getting on the bus, Mark played a tune with Bob on his part of the show, a brilliant rendition of Beyond This There Is Nothing.  A massive response at the end of it and then we got on the band bus bound for London where we'll spend the night and have the following day off.

It's a lucky life and I'm glad to be doing this.

So long,