Richard Bennett
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Contrary Cocktail

Moderne Shellac, 2015

Contrary Cocktail

A hypnotic blend of rhythms, landscapes, tones, colors, styles and moods, with melodies leading the way to certain places that only songs without words can go.

-- Pieta Brown, 2015

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We bid adieu to Denver early this afternoon having spent three good days in that very cool town.  We always enjoy Denver and look forward to returning.


We arrived in Austin late this afternoon just in time for the skies to open up and give the ground a good soaking.  Tonight’s venue was The Moody Theatre the new home of Austin City Limits.  A combination theatre/television production facility, the Moody holds roughly 2,200 and has the feeling of a very intimate gig.  We came out swinging and relaxed, simply having a good time playing in front of that receptive audience.  Before we knew it, over 2 hours had flown by and we were back in the cars for a runner to the hotel.


We’ve been lucky with the food so far on this North American run but we definitely hit American catering tonight, everything cooked to death sitting in steamers.  You know you’re going to be in trouble when you smell that high school cafeteria smell as you walk into the serving area.  Tonight was typical of U.S. catering.


Tomorrow is a quick flight to Dallas for a gig there.  I can’t remember the last time we played in Texas…if ever.


So long,