Richard Bennett
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For the Newly Blue

Moderne Shellac, 2013

For the Newly Blue

Like the builders who'd etch a design, a gracing touch on the uppermost ledges of those first early 20th century skyscrapers, Richard puts something into his work that no one else may be able to extract or identify or even know exists. But something about its being there makes the end product complete, better, best. Yes, Richard Bennett is one lucky son of a gun but a spin of For The Newly Blue is all you'll need to know he's giving as good as he gets.

-- Rick Allen, Writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine

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A Quick One
Hi all,

Just a quick up-date. This is really an experiment trying out a new way to upload things on the website. If you’re reading this it’s been successful and if not… well back to the experts who know about these things.

I’m just a week away from heading across the pond to begin rehearsals in London for Mark’s tour this spring, summer and autumn. I’m really looking forward to seeing my mates and getting back on the boards again.

Finally, my own new album will be available in about 10 days. Keep an eye on this site, The Newly Blue album cover will be replaced with the Contrary Cocktail artwork. There’ll be a few usual links to listen to the songs, read a little about it… etc. And speaking of artwork, the image on the cover of Contrary is a wonderful collage by artist Lisa Haddad. Lisa was very kind in granting me permission to use her “The Hedges” for my album cover.

Stay tuned.