Richard Bennett
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For the Newly Blue

Moderne Shellac, 2013

For the Newly Blue

Like the builders who'd etch a design, a gracing touch on the uppermost ledges of those first early 20th century skyscrapers, Richard puts something into his work that no one else may be able to extract or identify or even know exists. But something about its being there makes the end product complete, better, best. Yes, Richard Bennett is one lucky son of a gun but a spin of For The Newly Blue is all you'll need to know he's giving as good as he gets.

-- Rick Allen, Writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine

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A Note From L.A.

Hi all,


It's been a long, tough and mixed up winter for everyone.  The weather forecast for Nashville today and tomorrow reads like this:  "46 degrees now, up to 76 this afternoon.  Clouds and winds increase, rain late tonight.  Only 53 degrees tomorrow, below freezing tomorrow night."  A little something for everybody, the only thing missing is a tornado or two.


I'm in Los Angeles for a recording project as I peck this out and you'd never know it was winter here, up in the 70s and 80s every day, bright, sunny and beautiful.  


Just before coming west I recorded a new album for Ashley Monroe with Vince Gill in the producer's chair.  Her first album that we'd done was released last year to high acclaim and we all had a great week making this latest one.... lots of good music, food and loads of laughs.  It's always a pleasure and honour spending some time with Vince at his studio.


My own new record is marching along although marching may be a little ambitious, more like ambling.  I have three things completed and heading into the studio as soon as I get back to Nashville to put another in the can and add to the others.


The calendar says spring's almost here... we'll see.